Fire Detection Systems

Every day we hear news about companies and families who see the heritage that so many years and effort took them to achieve, and that from one moment to another are reduced to ashes.
Yet everything becomes worse when lives are lost.

With the implementation of a fire detection system these nightmares disappear.

A fire detection system is responsible for detecting a fire at an early stage in a fast and reliable way. These systems, in addition to triggering the alarm, also trigger a serie of activation processes that prevent the propagation of fire, such as compartmentations, activation of extinguishing systems, etc.

Our range of products is suitable for most market facilities, ranging from small to large installations and from simple retail installations to more complex industrial installations.



It is a centenary North American company, currently part of the Tyco group, the world leader in the manufacture of fire detection systems based on UL standards.

Not being a standard product for Europe, where the market requires other standards, it is a product line that adapts to markets where UL standards are also required or more easily tolerated, such as some markets in the African and Asian continents where Sensorpoint also operates.

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With more than 100 years developing technologies for fire detection, is the most important brand of the Tyco group dedicated to the European market.

It currently produces a full range of products in accordance with EN54 standards and valid certifications for all European countries, namely the most demanding, such as the LPCB, VDS and even NF certifications in some of its variants, also very important in francophone countries in Africa, markets where Sensorpoint operates.

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Despite its recent appearance in the European market, this brand that belongs to the Tyco group, brings with it a huge experience in the production of fire safety products.

The Fireclass product line is specially designed for small and medium systems where technical specifications are not of high demand, but their quality and reliability are of utmost importance.

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Global brand of production, energy management products and building management, is also known for its fire safety systems.

This line of products very much based on the European standards and exacting standards of VDS has a very wide amplitude that adapts from small to large buildings.

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Brand of security products, from the North American group UTC, which integrates a vast portfolio of truly popular products globally.

Aritech intrusion systems are effectively one of the most used around the world, but their product range also extends to access control, CCTV and fire detection systems.

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Safety product brand, from the North American group Honeywell, which integrates a wide portfolio of aspiration fire detection products.

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A security product brand, from the North American group Honeywell, which integrates a wide portfolio of fire detection products with linear detectors.

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