Emergency communications systems

Emergency communications system for hospitals, homes, prisons and hotels.

The search for medical care or assistance to the elderly has grown significantly in recent years. This growing demand for services is also accompanied by a higher level of demand regarding the quality of the services provided and the attention given to Customers.

Our emergency communications systems are a clear response to this demand as they allow for an entire interactivity between customers and medical officers or assistants.

Adapted to hotels these systems allow you to quickly and securely control requests for customer assistance, particularly in cases where they have reduced mobility.


800 Zettler Medicall

The Zettler ® Medicall ® 800 system is designed to provide maximum reliability, flexibility, clarity, accuracy and speed to communications between nursing staff and patients. The high flexibility of local operating network (LON ®) technology allows all parts of the system to be connected to each other through a single network cable that allows the system to be expanded in a modular manner at any time .

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