Cooking Hotte Extinguishing Systems

In commercial and industrial kitchens, we cannot ignore the risks inherent in the presence of fats and the use of oils with high self-ignition temperatures.


North American manufacturer with decades of experience in fire extinguishing in kitchen hottes based on UL standards.

Buckeye’s “Kitchen Mister” line has the advantage that while being UL certified it is also LPCB certified and EN 16282-7 compliant so it can be installed in a wide variety of markets.

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Pyro-Chem belongs to the Tyco Group and manufactures a comprehensive range of fire protection products for commercial and industrial applications.

Each one is designed and manufactured to the highest standards. A great solution for the extinction of kitchen hottes.

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Armanfire Chef

Brand of the prestigious Italian manufacturer Airfire S. P. A, with decades of experience in fire extinguishing, dedicated to the extinction in kitchen hottes.

This product line stands out for being one of the first to be certified by the LPCB, for its compliance with EN 16282-7, and for its easy, simplified, and cost-effective installation.

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